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Here at Bath Golf Club we run an Academy designed to provide the skills and confidence to anyone wishing to play golf for the first time or come back to the game after an absence. 

James and I run several group coaching sessions per week with the emphasis on creating a fun, enjoyable atmosphere to learn. This game can be exactly what you want it to be - no pressure to be the best, whatever your goals are, let us help you achieve them.

If you would like to come and see what it's like, please join us for a no strings attached free group session by contacting me below.



For further information on Academy Membership, please contact Bath Golf Club on 01225 463834 or email


Academy Testimonials

I first tried to play golf in my 20s and decided very quickly that it wasn't for me! I vowed that 

if I was ever going to play golf again I would invest in proper coaching. Fantastic support is 

available for beginners at Bath Golf Club. Phil's support and encouragement is excellent and he gives advice that is both understandable and pertinent. His goal is for everyone to gain maximum enjoyment from playing golf. He is always available for a quick check on progress and a few words of encouragement. Thank you Phil.


Philippa Bevan - Former Academy now full member


Phil has been a great support in teaching and introducing me to the game of golf.  He breaks down technique in a very simple and understandable manner and offers encouragement at all times - on and off the course.  Thank you.



Katy Pool – Former Academy now full member

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