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One to one sessions are a great way to condense your practice time if like most of us, life gets in the way of golf.

A mixture of the sessions below will help you to improve your all round game and therefore your scoring and enjoyment.

I am very flexible with session times and will work with you to fit in around work and life.


Learning how to swing the golf club and understanding how your positioning needs to change with up to 14 clubs is an huge part of getting ready for the golf course. Some basic changes on the range combined with a small amount of practice can transform your accuracy and quality of contact.

It's important not to spend all of your practice time on the range, but a combination of the approaches below will move you towards your goals. 

Here at Bath Golf Club we have a top of the range Huxley hitting surface and are open for non members to practice.

On Course

A huge proportion of my lessons take place on course. Learning "how' to play this game is very different from learning specific skills.

If you want to lower your scores, improve your enjoyment and retain understanding through contextualisation then on course lessons need to form a part of your lesson structure.

Short Game

"Drive for show - putt for dough". We've all heard the saying, yet we still spend the majority of our time on the range.

The short game generally comprises, putting, chipping, pitching and bunkers. Each of these areas with a small amount of work can transform your scoring. If you hit lots of good shots on the range and still struggle to improve your scoring, this area needs some attention.

I see lots of people with good technique but poor understanding of shot selection in different scenarios - don't be one of them, book a session today.

Trackman Studio

We're incredibly lucky to have an amazing performance studio complete with the world leading Trackman all funded by Head Professional and elite coach Russell Covey.

Trackman is a radar used by the best players and coaches in the world to extract factual data and ensure your focus is on what really matters, not what you may think matters.

Too much information? We are able to control the info you see by switching tiles on/off. Still not your thing? How about 9 holes around some of the best course in the world. 




30 Minutes

45 Minutes

60 Minutes 




9 Holes on course


18 Holes on course


All visitors lessons are subject to a 10% surcharge.
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