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Matt Banahan

I've known Phil for quite a few years now and we've become firm friends. His attitude and approach to coaching is second to none and he is always there to help. Whether my swing wasn't feeling great or just helping out my son Joey with swinging a club for the first time he always has time and a smile on his face.

The junior coaching sessions are a real success and I can't wait for Joey to be old enough to attend. 

I would highly recommend Phil as a coach to players of any level, you're in great hands!"

Gloucester & England rugby

Andy Robinson OBE

I have found Phil to be an excellent golf coach. He has cleverly tailored my lessons to suit my needs and helped massively to improve every aspect of my game. Using his calm, assured and enthusiastic manner he has built an excellent rapport with me and made the learning experience a thoroughly enjoyable one.

Phil is one of the most natural and effective coaches I have worked with and has made a real difference to the quality and enjoyment of my golf.

Lee Mears

Phil has coached both my wife and I and my son for the past 5 years. He is able to work equally well with adults and children. He keeps it simple and is really friendly and relaxed. 


Phil manages to keep the kids totally immersed in his sessions whilst learning through games and good fun. My son always looks forward to the opportunity of a lesson with Phil. 


Bath, England and British & Irish Lions 

Sharron Davies MBE

"Phil was recommended to me by several people when I decided to learn how to play golf. His friendly demeanour and obvious depth of knowledge is a winning combination that immediately makes you feel like you're in safe hands. The simple and methodical coaching methods helped me to progress quicker than I imagined and never left me feeling out of my depth.

 In the six months we spent together I went from never having touched a club to being comfortable on the golf course and having built myself a consistent swing that drew lots of compliments! I really enjoyed our sessions and would recommend Phil to anyone looking to take up the game or improve their existing swing."

Richard Longhurst

"I've known Phil quite some time now and have always enjoyed any time working together. Phil has coached my 2 sons from complete novices to being able to navigate their way around 9 holes on the golf course in just a short series of sessions. Phil's relaxed manner makes even the total beginner feel at ease which is one of the reasons he is able to deliver engaging and successful sessions. I would recommend Phil to any level of golfer knowing with confidence he can improve any area of their game"

Co-founder of Lovehoney

Victor Ubogu

"Phil has coached my son Zak for approximately 8 years now and he has developed in to a lovely golfer who is proficient in all areas and can now outdrive many of the men! 

Phil delivers just the right balance of instruction and fun and manages to get the respect of the children and parents too.

Zak especially loves the holiday camps where more often than not they get to play a few holes on the 18 hole Championship course followed by a few sweets!

We would recommend Phil and his junior coaching sessions to everyone”

Bath *& England Rugby

VU Ltd

Chris Cook


Very much enjoyed mrs lessons with Phil. What I loved about it was that he 

didn’t try to make drastic changes but worked on what I had already and made small tweaks that made a big difference. Thanks for your help and I’m looking forward to my next lesson.

Bath Rugby

Jimmy Mullen 

Phil was the first coach I ever had and he always managed to keep sessions fun and entertaining whilst improving all aspects of my game. I can't recommend Phil highly enough to anyone wanting to get their children involved in golf.



Professional - Fourth Player in history to win 4/4 points in a Walker Cup 

Giles Lunt

 I started lessons with Phil 18 months ago and I can say with absolute certainty that it’s the best thing I’ve ever done with regards to improving my golf game. Phil has given me first class advice/tuitIon and I definitely have far more understanding of my golf swing. His tips are insightful and he has encouraged me to work hard and improve my game. His tuition is not over technical and I find it easy to follow . I will say with confidence that my game continues to improve and I’m a much more solid golfer now than I was 18 months ago. Phil brings great enthusiasm  with him to every lesson , is thoughtful and good company. I would put forward his name to anyone wanting to improve their game.  Golf is fiendishly difficult  at the best of times but Phil has certainly made it easier for me.

Kahn Fotuali'i

Dharnel really enjoyed his time learning a new sport and skill. He Thoroughly enjoyed making new friends and having fun playing golf.

I would highly recommend Phils junior sessions to anyone.

When I first started lessons with Phil I had barely played golf and couldn’t imagine ever feeling brave enough to play 18 holes. He very quickly gave me the skills, confidence and encouragement to believe in my swing and trust that as long as I committed to each shot I would be ok. He has shown me how to practice effectively and speed up the improvement in both my long and short game. Playing lessons have given an insight into course management and have helped my gain a 36 handicap reducing it to 25 in 6 months! Phil's patient manner and outstanding coaching ability has taken me from a terrified novice to an obsessed and reasonably competitive golfer. He is a great golf coach.


Samantha Robinson

“I’ve had a number of lessons from Phil, both on and off the course, and he has this ability to identify very quickly problems with the golf swing. More importantly Phil is then able to recommend simple practice drills which help in addressing the fault. I’d have no hesitation in recommending Phil if you’re thinking of having some lessons”

Julian Batson

Having received coaching from Phil over a number of years my golf has definitely benefited.  He has the perfect balance between offering support and encouragement but not over praising.  Phil deserves a great BIG THANK YOU for the way he helped me rebuild my golf swing after my first hip replacement. My surgeon, also a golfer, advised me to budget not only for additional physiotherapy but also for golf lessons as the operation would correct the leg length by 20mm. So, beginning with putting Phil patiently helped me rebuild my golf swing.  Phil also discussed progress with my physiotherapist to ensure that we didn’t over do things. A year later (after the second hip replacement) not only was I swinging freely but also very importantly hitting straight. My handicap tumbled, moving from the lower end of Bronze B to the mid-range of Bronze A revision. Thanks to Phil I’m back really enjoying my golf.  


Dr Marilyn Kirby 

“Phil is a great pro, he has an intelligent and sensitive approach. Importantly, he is caring, very good at encouraging you and is fun.”

Nick G

I have had coaching from Phil ever since I joined the Academy two years ago. I progressed to Academy Plus and am now a full member of the golf club.

I have found Phil an excellent coach. He is friendly, polite, patient and never tires of explaining how to carry out my golf strokes.   I have never known any different but several of my friends who have been playing golf for many years have commented on my style and how they wish that they had had the opportunity of Academy lessons and such good coaching when they first started playing.   My style is all due to Phil....I just try to carry out the actions that he suggests in order to hit the ball properly.   He is also flexible and will happily swap to different strokes during a coaching session if I feel I want to do something else.  He is also eager to offer advice if, when playing on the course I find that my balls are going haywire, he encourages me to email or ring him to ask what I can do to improve the way I am playing.  I just wish I had him sitting on my shoulder every time I go out on the course!



As a keen golfer of over 30 years I never visited a pro for lessons, my wife bought me a Christmas gift lesson with Phil.

At the time my golf was not in a good place I had gone up to 10.2 a double digit handicap for the first time 10 years I shot over 100 in 2 medals and was close to walking away from golf.

A couple of lessons from Phil and a few very minor tweaks I went down to 7.2 won the summer singles at Bath GC and played in the winter finals in the same year.

After my annual visit to Phil I am now down to 5.9 and very happy with my game and lowest handicap ever!

Phil has great communication always cheerful and a wealth of knowledge that will improve your game if you give him a chance.


Anthony McCallum MBE

2nd Team Captain Bath Golf Club

I was grudgingly coerced into trying a golf lesson. A sport I thought would be truly boring. Phil was the unlucky coach!

2 years later I still find his enthusiasm and drive inspiring. His ability to tailor instruction to individuals means players, from beginners to experts, all benefit while still having fun! A true professional, friendly and approachable. I would highly recommend him.




 would just like to say how much I enjoyed my lessons. Thank you so much for your patience and help teaching me how to play and helping me understand the etiquette and rules of golf, and showing me how to actually play. Without your expert tuition I would of never had the confidence to go out and play a round. Thanks to you even in the Autumn years of life I have found a sport which I love



Phil has been my golf coach for over 4 years now from when I started as an absolute beginner.

During that time he has shown me endless patience, enthusiasm and support. His teaching style is very relaxed and friendly and he gives sufficient information and guidance during each lesson without the feeling of being overloaded. He usually emails a summary of the lesson as an aide memoire especially if there are several things that were highlighted.

If I have a problem with any aspect of my game, he is able to sort things out quickly with clear and easy to understand explanations. 

I would highly recommend him as a coach whatever level of golfer you are, from complete beginner to very experienced.



Phil has coached me for over 12 months.

 In that time my game has developed beyond 

expectation. Phil keeps it very simple but 

Is very effective readily identifying any 

faults and giving clear advice on how to 

fix problems. As well as having a very 

practical approach he is good company!




“Phil is fantastically positive and keeps things very simple.  He has helped me in all aspects of the game - From straightening and lengthening my drive, giving me confidence in my short game and bunkers to radically reducing the number of 3 putts.  He is the best golf coach/mentor I have encountered in 20 years of golf.”



" Phil Cloak has acted as my coach for this last year and has taken me from a novice to a respectable handicap level. This has been done without too much of a prescriptive approach since Phil has identified that this  does not suit me so much. Phil has quickly grasped my strengths and weakness's and helped me develop into a confident ( well, most of the time ! ) player meaning I can play at all levels with enjoyment and eager participation .


Phil has taken me through all aspects of the long  and short game , and this has involved sessions on and off the course . Great advice has also  been given on club selection , fitting and other aspects of equipment purchase and always without pressure to go for the expensive . 


Phil is a really likeable and straightforward guy and his overall coaching skills are second to none "




“I have been having golf lessons with Phil for about a year now and have seen my game improve dramatically as a result.  Phil has a real talent for explaining even the game’s most complex elements and techniques in a way that’s easy to understand and is able to spot and fix any problems with my game almost instantly.”




I have been playing golf for 40 years and have had countless lessons with a dozen or so golf pros over those years. None come near Phil Cloak in terms of improvement to my game. He concentrates on one, two at the most, aspects of my swing at any one time; most of the others I've used built in three, four, even five different elements leaving me more confused as to what I'm doing wrong than before the lesson. And Phil's "course management" sessions are priceless - my biggest mistake has been to tell others about them! Thanks Phil. 

 My par, par, birdie on the 5th, 6th and 7th week before last will stay with me for ever.



Thank you for the opportunity to have you coach me through the finer points of this ball and stick game called Golf.  You have taken my game to several higher levels and perhaps the greatest lesson was the confidence you have restored to me.  


It has always been my privilege to have you as a coach. I can't thank you enough for your learned expertise and patience with this fledging student of golf.


I certainly will keep you informed of my progress and successes which are a direct result of your teaching.



As someone relatively new to golf, I have found Phil to be both positive and encouraging. He keeps things simple and realises that people like my self want to enjoyably navigate the golf course and may never win the US Masters! 



Having a lesson with Phil is very enjoyable. He also has the ability to offer coaching advice that  seems to make all the difference! You leave the lesson feeling , relaxed , happy and confident, and of course playing better.

Just what one needs! 



After a series of winter lessons Phil has deepened my understanding of the game and my knowledge on how to "play the course" .

This has doubled my enjoyment and confidence in play which will enable me to reach my full potential.

His formula is one of considered guidance , the approach being one of working with what we have rather than radical change of swing, grip or stance. 
I am now looking forward to a greatly improved summer season.




"Phil's coaching has dramatically improved my golf game, he is able to explain in clear terms I can understand a complex and technical game. The coaching sessions with Phil are always relaxed and fun but nevertheless hard work as he encourages me to achieve my best. Phil is excellent at assessing my individual needs and the aspects of my game I need to practice, helping me get the most out of this time. He is simply the best coach I have ever worked with."



I keep returning to Phil for lessons, because he does not prattle on like some but gives coaching that is easy to understand.  His analyses are backed up by video taken during the lesson. He gives you just one change to work on during the session, but if he thinks you have grasped it, he leaves you with one other adjustment to think about, usually in your stance or posture.  In my case the coaching is now paying off, and I am going back for more.




Golf is a frustrating game but a little tuition from Phil often dissolves that frustration. He has all the characteristics of a good teacher; knowledge, patience, humour and is very perceptive as to what needs tweaking to strengthen your game. I leave a lesson feeling much more positive about my ability to master then game.



There once was a golf coach called Phil


Who worked at the top of the hill


His lessons were full of advice


"We have to fix that terrible slice"!


My game was in tatters


But that doesn't matter


Because it's Tuesday and I'm back with Phil



I am the evidence that Phil is an exceptional golf teacher who offers real value for money. I was the ultimate challenge, with a hook of distressing proportions, an inconsistent swing and no idea why I putted so badly, yet I could see progress in a single lesson.


 Phil is unremittingly positive, able to find something to identify for praise in even the most wayward swing. He adjusts the level of his advice to the needs and style of each individual, and gives that guidance in a way that convinces you progress is possible. He offers you an encouraging image of improvement through eliminating errors rather than an intimidating vision of unattainable perfection.  I just wish that I had booked lessons with him sooner!



“I have enjoyed and benefited from Phil’s teaching on and off for the last 2 years. I really understand the fundamentals of a good swing now thanks to his honest appraisal and straightforward explanation. Having Phil concentrate solely on me and my golf is a great way to spend an hour! Now I just need to practice a lot and take it onto the course.”



“I have been working with Phil for about 18 months and he has been able to transform all aspects of my golf game. Having taken lessons from a number of coaches, I must say that only since working with Phil has it all started coming together -  I get it!  I particularly like Phil’s easy, comfortable and relaxed approach to teaching.  Phil takes a holistic approach, focusing on the whole game, not just ball striking.  In particular, he looks for where he can achieve maximum impact, reflected by the fact that his initial focus was on the short game and putting.  Phil’s ability to enable me to actually visualise my golf swing and the correct sequence of drills in order to improve is a unique skill.  Phil seems to be able to break golf into easy, repeatable and simple swing thoughts, and is always so encouraging.  The written recap of some of the lessons by email/text and short videos was also really impressive, as well as the on-course sessions, which have proved invaluable in terms of course management, something which was, until then, somewhat foreign to me.   Phil has also transformed my bunker play, by just keeping reminding me to keep it simple. Finally, Phil is great and inspiring with the juniors and has enthused and encouraged my 11-year-old son, Matt, who has a beautiful swing thanks to Phil. In short, Phil really cares, thank you”.



MARTIN BACON - Director Oculus - Wealth Management

Phil is an inspiring professional who coaches Callum and Jamie at Bath Golf Club's junior sessions every Saturday.

Every session is instructive but most importantly they're a lot of fun too. Both my boys adore being coached by Phil and get genuinely annoyed if we dare to arrange anything else on Saturdays.

Callum is progressing too well and his dad is thinking of cancelling his lessons to preserve his competitive advantage!



Phil’s approach to coaching is great – he quickly identifies with your issues, is really clear in his explanations and always suggests focussing on a number of simple repeatable steps to get good results. He has a good sense of humour and makes lessons enjoyable. Thoroughly recommended.


EDWARD VIDNES - Partner - Royds Withy King

Phil is a truly inspirational teacher.  He has the unusual knack of a deep understanding of golf technique and the ability to communicate it in a simple, memorable, passionate and effective way. Beyond this he truly cares about each person he teaches: their own individual goals, frustrations and joys.  I cannot recommend him highly enough."



Phil has great patience and is always encouraging.


He has the knack of seeing the main thing you need to focus on, so that each lesson you come away having improved in that area. 


Phil has helped me enjoy the game and keep positive and is always enthusiastic and uplifting.



He has helped a true beginner to make steady progress towards my goals.



"My golf has improved considerably thanks to Phil. 

He has such a nice manner and is so encouraging, explaining things in simple, easy to understand terms. 

In each lesson he focuses on just one or two areas so that you don't feel overwhelmed. 

He has particularly helped me with my short game and this is reflected in my scores. 

His on-course lessons are a brilliant way of learning about course management and decision making. 

And his interest doesn't stop at the end of a lesson, he encourages you to keep him informed and to let him know if any problems arise between lessons"



Phil is a highly knowledgeable golf coach capable of improving all levels of golfer from beginner to professional. He helped me achieve some of my own goals as a player and was a pleasure to work with' 




"I joined the Bath  Academy Program in April 2016 and was fortunate to have Phil as our group coach. Phil encouraged and supported me from day 1 and helped me achieve consistent improvement throughout the year. I was very impressed by his knowledge and delivery style on all aspects of the game. I really appreciate everything Phil has done and continues to do for me. I highly recommend Phil to anyone who wants to improve their game, you will throughly enjoy the experience."


Basically he can walk on water as far as I'm concerned and not only that he's handsome too - what's not to like!!!!



 I have had lessons with Phil over a number of years when things go awry. He always identifies and corrects the problem and his manner is always upbeat, encouraging and professional. I now intend to have more regular lessons and not necessarily when there is a problem - more as a health check.

I would highly recommend Phil



It is a pleasure to recommend Phil Cloak to anyone who is looking for a golf coach.

I've had sessions with Phil over several years, and have learnt valuable and lasting lessons on each occasion. He's rescued me from the "yips" and got me playing well again, really enjoying my golf once more. 

His advice is consistent and tailored to the individual, he's very flexible about arrangements, and manages to simplify the game.

My friends who have used Phil to teach their children have told me he is especially patient and encouraging with youngsters.

So, try a few lessons with Phil. It's time a I booked another one.



Phil is extremely patient and knowledgable. Very encouraging always providing constructive advice.

Lessons are fun and relaxed. Goals set are realistic with emphasis on the enjoyment of golf



As someone whose only experience of golf was crazy golf with the kids, I started learning with Phil with huge trepidation! However those fears were unfounded as Phil, through a variety of group and individual lessons, on course support plus texts and video clips took me from absolute novice to club player with handicap. Phil offers that rare combination of technical know-how with excellent communication skills - all wrapped up with humour and enthusiasm.



I had a series of lessons with Phil a few years ago that enabled me to play at a standard that enables me to truly enjoy the game.  As most golfers know the challenge to improve is a life's work and through regular refresher lessons Phil gives me the techniques for purposeful practice that enables me to take to the course with confidence.  


I whole heartily recommend Phil to anyone from an absolute beginner or to someone who has been playing for years and are wishing to improve the finer points of their game.  Oh, and he's a top guy too!



The amazing thing about Phil is his ability to see immediately where a problem lies, and then suggest a solution. Also he makes coaching a real pleasure.He has made a considerable difference to my game.



"I had been unhappy with my golf for some years and was considering giving up.  However for my birthday some friends bought me a course of lessons with Phil.  From lesson one I went from hitting shots along the ground to getting them in the air. With his patience and continued coaching I joined the Academy with Bath Golf Club and he completely transformed my game.  I have now joined the club as a full member and I  feel very confident playing, something I would have never believed before. Thanks to Phil I really enjoy golf now and my handicap has gone from 36 to 31."



The honesty Phil brings to his golf coaching is a delight.  As a long-experienced golfer I was not looking for a whole new "re-make" of my swing, stance and speed, but a kind and friendly approach to making subtle and constructive suggestions as to how to improve my dwindling game.  Phil's approach is positive and he has the ability to bring the best out in his students. I always end a lesson feeling that good golf has been restored.  I highly recommend golfers of all standards to take lessons with Phil Cloak at Bath Golf Club.



Phil is the most user friendly golf pro I have worked with. He approaches each and every lesson with a positive can do work ethic, whilst focusing on clearing your head from the mental game coupled with simple execution. I would recommend his approach to anyone looking to improve their game'



I had been keen to learn to play golf, just to a basic standard for many years. After a number of false starts and having procrastinated further I met Phil and had my first lesson. I couldn’t believe that despite my previous failures he had me striking the ball almost straight away. He is a fantastic coach and an exceptionally nice guy. Patient, courteous, friendly  and good humoured as well. I still need to find more time to play and practice and would always use Phil. I would recommend him to anyone



I have known Phil for several years and during this time have had many enjoyable lessons. He keeps the instruction simple and my golf with him has really improved. He gives clients great confidence and I would thoroughly recommend him as a golf pro. 



I first tried to play golf in my 20s and decided very quickly that it wasn't for me! I vowed that 

if I was ever going to play golf again I would invest in proper coaching. Fantastic support is 

available for beginners at Bath Golf Club. Phil's support and encouragement is excellent and he gives advice that is both understandable and pertinent. His goal is for everyone to gain maximum enjoyment from playing golf. He is always available for a quick check on progress and a few words of encouragement. Thank you Phil.



“Following several months of horrible golf, I was seriously considering throwing my clubs into the back of the garage and forgetting then.  However, I decided to have a couple of lessons with  Phil to see if something could be salvaged before giving up on the game completely. Golf is not easy  but no matter how bad your technique or stance, Phil can always find something positive to say and with a few tweaks can set you back on the right track. With his easy style of communication and enthusiasm, he’s a great motivator. Everyone  needs a “Phil” behind them for their off days.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to play recently through injury but he has kept in touch by e-mail, checking on my progress and encouraging my return to the game. “




Phil is a top bloke.  He works with what you have and makes things simple to improve your golf game. I always played better when with Phil or after a session. I would not hesitate in recommending Phil's golf coaching for all levels of golfer



Phil has coached the University of Bath golf sessions for 7 years now and it has always been a pleasure dealing with him. Not only is he personable and friendly, he is a superb golf coach that effectively communicates with all levels of player. Students always give very positive feedback from Phil's sessions and most importantly, their golf game massively improves! Couldn't recommend Phil enough.



Phil keeps it simple. He is positive and praising and very effective - yes our game really improved. And he's a really nice guy.




Phil is a really great coach. He is totally focussed on making you a better golfer, and during each lesson he is one hundred percent committed to you. He is interested in your progress and always follows up after lessons, either in person, text or email. 




I have been having lessons with Phil for about two years. I have a head full of golf concepts and thoughts that usually don’t make sense. Phil has the ability to de- clutter my mind and helps me break down my swing to simple actions and thoughts. He does this without making you feel silly.

My golf has improved significantly. My long and short games are improving all the time.

If you want to enjoy your golf more by playing better than I can’t think of anyone else who could help you.



Phil was highly recommended by several colleagues. I arranged a package of six half hour lessons. When I told him my last lesson was in 1982 he said 'that was the year before I was born!'  


Phil's teaching style is excellent. He is always encouraging, he keeps it simple and pin points problems and then offers clear solutions. He concentrated on my short game and this has improved beyond my expectations. I will certainly go back to Phil for more lessons.










For some years now I have known the professional Phil at Bath Golf Club and whatever he is doing, even when rushing to a coaching session, he always finds time to say "hello" with a delightful smile and genuine greeting. He has a most calm and considerate nature and he is always very patient and encouraging. I know with others, also, that whoever he is helping with their game his instructions are clear and most helpful. He so readily accepts whatever standard of play an individual may have and his tuition is certainly of great assistance. May he continue to be available for us all at Bath Golf Club.       


Gavin Douglas

Dear Phil


It is one thing to be able to play golf well - it is quite another to pass on your skills to someone else.  This is where Phil excels.


He is patient, listening to your problems and offering simple yet effective solutions.  Most of all however - Phil makes it enjoyable and even when your are really struggling gives you the encouragement to continue to battle with the little white ball and the course.



Both my boys have been having fairly regular golf lessons with Phil at Bath Golf Club and both of them always really enjoy each session. The lessons are varied, interactive and engaging for the kids.  There's often some competitive element to the session, with some prizes to be won, which they love. Phil's always available to talk to and there is always a good number of kids at each session which makes it more fun for everyone. I'll be signing my daughter up soon!



My three sons have really enjoyed Phil’s Saturday sessions as the coaches make them great fun, whilst my children  have learnt lots of new skills and really improved their game . Phil is also extremely well  organised both with lesson planning and bookings .



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